Stitch (スティッチ Sutitchi, also known as Experiment #626) is a little blue alien from the animated film Lilo & Stitch. He was created by Doctor Jumba Jookiba but Jumba created Stitch without permission from the Galactic council so he was arrested while Stitch was put in a speacial ship flown by Captain Gantu. Luckily, Stitch escaped and stole a police ship and landed in Hawaii where he met a young Hawaiin girl, Lilo. Lilo claimed Stitch as her dog and said the council cannot take him away for they would be breaking the law. Jumba and earth 'expert' Pleakley also stayed beind with Stitch. Sadly, Lilo grew up and Stitch left thinking Lilo did not like him anymore.

Stitch was angry about being abandoned by Lilo so he stole one of Jumba's expensive ships and flew off causing havoc on planets in the universe, so Jumba was sent to stop him. Sadly, they both fell into a blackhole and Stitch crash landed in Japan on an imaginary island called Izayoi, which is off the shores of Okinawa where he met young karate girl, Yuna. When Yuna told Stitch about The Spiritual Stone's power of giving any anyone thier wish Stitch wanted to wish for ultimate power but first he had to do 43 good deeds. Sadly Hamsterviel, Gantu and Reuben wont make it easy for him

In season 2 Stitch and Yuna move to a new town to live with Yuna's sister, Zuruko, to start a new life. Hamsterviel is now serving Delia and also has control of nearly every experiment.